Book One of the Vicarri Line

Family means everything. It's what Scott Gerhardt was taught growing up. But no family is without secrets, and the one he is about to uncover will expose him to the very world his mother sacrificed her life to save him from.

Scott's career of studying and developing vaccines at Lehigh University gets turned upside down when he crosses paths with a powerful Votorian—supernatural creatures that live hidden amongst society and prey on humans.

The resurrection of Locke, this once human Votorian, draws the attention of Scott's uncle and cousin, two experienced demon hunters who must find a way to kill Locke and honor the last wishes of Scott's mother by keeping him from learning the truth about the Votorian world.

But even they can't stop the inevitable. Locke knows the real reason why Scott's mother never wanted him to become a hunter, a secret cloaked in dark magic with ramifications that could awaken an ancient rivalry in a world filled with werewolves, vampires, witches, and much more.

It's sure to cost him his freedom, maybe even his life...

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Book Two of the Vicarri Line

This book is in production. Coming in the Fall of 2023


Book Three of the Vicarri Line

This book is being edited.

Coming in the Spring of 2024