J C Grenwalt's

Books Are Coming

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His books cannot be held back any longer. He first introduces readers to the Vicarri Line, an Urban Fantasy Series threatening the lives of its characters to bring readers an exciting story that Grenwalt promises can't be put down. Try it and see.

The trilogy features Book One: A FAMILIAR SCENT (Available Now); Book Two: POWER OF THE CURSE (in review and Coming Fall 2023; and Book three: BOUND TO NO ONE (being edited Coming Spring 2024)

Grenwalt's first series, The Vicarri Line Trilogy is a battle between science and the supernatural; what's real and what shouldn't be. It explores origin stories of the ancient demon hunters; where they come from, why they came to be, and how hunters in the modern world descended from them. And then there are the Votorian -- Supernatural creatures that live hidden in the dark recesses of society and feed on those unlucky enough to have mistakenly wandered there.

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